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Our company provides professional gate repair services. We can fully repair and maintain a wide range of electrical gates as well as manual designs for your home or commercial property.

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Having an automatic gate can make everyday life a breeze. But just like any other piece of complex equipment, electric gates have all kinds of components that can malfunction and disable them.Gate Repair Services

The weather can play a huge part. As the temperature lowers, the metal parts in your gate will contract and tighten up. If it has metal hinges, these will become tighter which can cause the gate to move and react slower than usual.

The harder it is to open and close the gate, the more work the motor and opener have to do every time it is used. In some cases hinges can require welding repair, as they can contract to the point of breaking.

In areas that experience harsh winters, it can also be common for electric gates to seemingly ignore initial activation, but then work after a few times of trying. In designs that feature a battery, the cold temperature can create a delay in the batteries ability to generate enough electrical current to operate the system.

Professional Repair

Repairing or upgrading electrical gates can require a high level of electrical engineering knowledge, and can be extremely dangerous for novices to attempt themselves.

Garage Door Repair Grapevine offers a wide range of electric gate repair services. We can ensure your electric gate functions smoothly and is appropriately prepared to continue working throughout the seasons.

Whatever the error, you can avoid the risk of creating further damage to your equipment or harm to yourself by letting our expert technicians execute the job perfectly. 

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